Bigtooth Maple Trees

Bigtooth Maple is the “Sugar Maple of the West”


Acer grandidentatum Bigtooth Maple

  • Zones:  4-9
  • Sun to part sun
  • Height:  35-50’
  • Spread:  25-40’
  • Shape:  Upright and broad spreading and rounded
  • Growth Rate:  Medium to fast, grows 3-4’ per year if properly fertilized
  • Soil Preference:  Prefers moist, well drained but grows in any soil, does excellent in thin, rocky soils
  • Moisture:  Drought tolerant
  • Foliage:  Bright green and serrated
  • Blooms: Insignificant yellow blooms in spring
  • Fruit:  Small double samara, green or slightly reddish with brown wings




The Bigtooth Maple is virtually disease and pest free, and is very drought tolerant and heat resistant.  It grows well from Montana to Mexico in arid areas, and also does well in Vancouver.  Although it would be difficult to find it available, Bigtooth Maple can be planted through much of the central and southern states, from Iowa to Louisiana and coast to coast.  Fall color is breathtaking in cooler areas if conditions are right, in spectacular scarlet, gold, orange, yellow and burgundy.  Strong wood makes them an excellent street tree.  Surface roots are not gen eral ly a pro ble m so Bigtooth is a good choice for  lawn shade trees or for large parking lot islands.  The branches do tend to droop as they grow, so will require pruning (removal of the lower branches) for human passage.  May also need training to develop a central leader when young.  Bigtooth will live for hundreds of years.

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