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Container gardening has gone way beyond planting flowers in pots.  Containers of all sorts are creatively filled with color, texture and variety for front steps, patios and decks, even containers placed right in the gardens.  It’s the perfect place to try new annuals and tender perennials.  The tender perennials are easily removed for storage at the end of the growing season, then pop them back in the pot next spring.

When selecting plants for containers, try to use plants with similar requirements.  The same light requirements are most important, if you include a shade plant in a sunny arrangement that plant will not thrive, and may not even survive.  Planning an arrangement of drought tolerant plants will be wasted if you include one that requires constant moisture, and some of the drought tolerant plants may not at all like wet conditions.  Check the planting tips on the Planting Annuals page.

What are the best annuals for containers?  Thrillers, fillers and spillers have become buzzwords to describe the types of plants to combine.  Select a variety of height, texture and color.  As you can see by the examples below, anything from the ordinary to the extraordinary can combine to create a fabulous potted garden!