December Zone 3

What to do in the garden in December in zone 3

No, there really isn’t much you can actually do in the garden in December,  But there are certainly garden related activities that may satisfy your green thumb.

  • Get the tulips and hyacinths chilled for forcing later.
  • “Plant” winter containers with evergreen boughs, shrub branches and berries.
  • Order garden and plant catalogs.
  • Leave snow on the evergreens alone  Do not try to remove wet heavy snow from evergreens, you could do more harm than good.  Evergreen limbs remain supple through winter and will bend under the weight, but hopefully will not crack.
  • Avoid salt  Instead of salt and de-icers for your steps, walks and driveway, use sand instead when possible.  The salt is harmful to plants and turf.
  • Make a wreath  Take a workshop at a local garden center.  Learn to make fresh green arrangements and wreaths.
  • Read online articles  Check out the wealth of information on line from your local extension service.


  • Feed the birds
  • Check on winter protection  Make sure all your winter protection has stayed secure through the winter winds.
  • Buy yourself a treat  Pick up a bright blooming cyclamen for a sunny window.
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