Eat & Grow Organic

For every benefit we need to evaluate the risks


The subject of organics and genetically modified edibles is an enormous subject with massive amounts of information and data to digest.  The debate has intensified over the years, encouraging even more in depth research.   We know a lot more now about organics and GMO than even just a few years ago and we may finally be getting to the real truth of these matters.  But for every benefit we need to evaluate the risks.

 I have spent a lot of time over the years reading, listening and researching.. There is so very much to sift through, throw out misleading information, dig deep for absolute truths and then put it all into the context of modern life.  Decisions need to be made about the long term effects in our food, our bodies and the soil  Some choices are appropriate on a personal level, but many need to made as a society, a nation, even globally.  Once we all have a little  better understanding and start making the decisions individually, we can be more demanding of our food network.

Although I know I should keep trying to do better eating organic, growing organic and avoiding genetically modified foods, one of my objectives has been to understand exactly why that is important.

As we each gain a better understanding of what is happening to our food we can start to determine what is important to us personally in our own lives and make appropriate choices based on fact rather than skewed information coming from the industry.

Sharon Dwyer