What a Great Tool!

Half Moon Edger

Half Moon Edger.jpg

Yes I have already been shopping and planning for the coming growing season, of course!  And although I have always been aware of this tool, all of a sudden I feel the need to have one.  I moved to a new place just over a year ago, which I will get into later, and I have a lot to do!

I have muddled along edging with a shovel all my life.  Time to treat myself to a step on half moon edger that will cut a better edge than any shovel ever.  Cut right through turf to install edging, or wiring, or whatever!  Why on earth didn't I buy one when I had well over 600 feet of invisible fence wire to install!

A half moon edger makes a crisp cut, it has a great turned step on ledge, it will chop up my plants and scraps for compost, it will cut and maintain a beautiful straight or curved edge for new garden beds, along the sidewalk, and with slice through hard soil.  A half moon edger will even easily cut a clean deep slice into turf to get a those deep weed roots.  What more could a gardener ask for?  Why on earth did I wait so long?

Sharon DwyerComment