Unavoidable Mistakes

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Some of you may remember that last spring I dug into my front landscaping to remove everything and design new foundation plantings.  Well, when I found plastic and mulch over dirt, rock and more plastic, and plants sandwiched between the layers with no chance to set root and thrive, I realized I needed some help and a Dingo.  I selected a small landscaper who specialized in hardscape but was trying to break into softscape.  Ok, I know what I'm doing so I could give this hard working guy and his team a chance to learn the plant side.

That was a mistake.  I tried to work closely with their "plant designer" looking for some inspiration for this new property but she was so very inexperienced and knew very little about plants that I was unable to use any of her design.  So, I meticulously designed the entire perimeter of the foundation myself.  Each plant was selected and plotted on a square foot grid for planting.  Easy enough, right?  No.  The crew was apparently unable to read a plan well enough to even place the holes properly.  With so much happening it was hard to see exactly where things were going wrong, but I did have them immediately move at least half a dozen plants.  As I was able to better evaluate I moved half a dozen more.  I am afraid for this spring that I may want to move more.

The other issue was the crew accepted plants in extremely poor condition and more than a dozen perennials perished over the first several weeks and had to be replaced.  Now I have concerns for the health of all the plants.  And this is the hardest thing for me to accept - I have no idea what the soil was like to begin with or how well it was amended!  Absolutely it could not have been done the way I would have.

I love how the idea at least turned out.  I could not have done the work myself, I had to let go.  But I do now wish I had arranged for them to remove everything, bring in amendments when I was ready, then bring in the rock when I was done even though it would then have taken all season.  Lesson learned, too late.  But not to late for you!  That's my point, DO IT YOURSELF, as much as is possible.

Are you ready then for a tour?  Overall I am very happy with it and can't wait to see it all come back to life this spring!!


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Yes, I guess I'm still glad I had the work done for me.  The last few years have just been too overwhelming.  And I keep telling myself, been there done that!  I have done enough of the heavy work over the years.  And there is plenty of work left in the back for me!  Feel free to post any questions and comments below.

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