Tens of Billions of K cups

Billions and Billions of Coffee Pods a Year

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For the longest time I refused to buy a Keurig or similar coffee machine that uses plastic disposable cups for each cup of coffee. The ridiculous number of plastic pods going into the trash everyday was astounding. And those little cups that are in theory recyclable are rarely accepted by city recycling programs. I finally gave in when re-useable cups and compostable pods became easily available and bought a single serve coffee maker. They really do make a great cup of coffee!

I found the re-fillable cups to be inconvenient when I needed more than one cup, which is always. So, compostable seemed easy enough for me since of course I always have compost brewing. But how many people are really composting those pods? Are you?

I have a pretty good system set up for including those pods in my kitchen compost collection. I order my coffee pods from San Francisco Bay Coffee. The pods are packed about ten to a bag, sealed for freshness. My first reaction was wow! That is a lot of plastic bags! But wait, the bags are compostable! So, I bought a covered tin just the right size to slip the bag into. Then the used pods and kitchen scraps go into the bag and sealed tight with the tin cover. When the bag is full it is easily carried with it’s contents of goodies out to the compost bin. And no mess left behind in the tin!

The mesh coffee pod and coffee of course compost quickly. The bag and the pod ring are really pretty slow to break down, but I just leave them behind when I take out finished compost. Eventually they are gone, but I do find a ring or two in the garden once in a while!

How are you dealing with your pods? Please find yourself a simple means to get them into your compost so that it happens consistently.

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