Summer in the Gardens

Where on earth has summer gone?  It has certainly been busy with more planning, planting and landscaping, family barbecues, gathering friends, enjoying the lakes and trails and of course patio refreshments at the local establishments.  

And through it all new plants have been establishing and last years winter damaged plants have been struggling to recover.  Things are finally looking pretty good and my new home's landscape is well underway.  I think it's about time I gave you a little tour!

Front Landscape by Midwest Gardening

Spring Landscape

All the new plantings were starting to look pretty good early this spring

Summer Landscape by Midwest Gardening

Summer Landscape

The front foundation plants are filling in nicely and new things are blooming

Container Garden by Midwest Gardening

Entry Containers

New enormous containers for the front entry are overflowing

Upper Gardens by Midwest Gardening

Once barren backyard

My mostly sunny backyard is perfect for gardens. 

Garage Wall garden by Midwest Gardening

Concrete Wall Challenge

Camouflage the concrete wall is the objective.  Hopefully the arborvitae will grow tall, wide and fast.

Alley Entrance by Midwest Gardening

Alley Entrance

Of course I just had to enhance the alley entrance

Dry Shade by Midwest Gardening

Dry Shade

This has proven to be a difficult area for plants to survive with two enormous trees drawing all the moisture and nutrients.  However one has been unfortunately tagged for removed for Dutch Elm disease.  I really hate losing such a large tree and the shade for the deck.

Temporary Annuals by Midwest Gardening

Annual Placeholders

The anemone did not survive the harsh winter so more cleome annuals until I select new perennials

Oxalis Container by Midwest Gardening

Black Shamrock

Love this black Oxalis

Joe Pye Weed by Midwest Gardening

Along the Fence

The Joe Pye Weed really took off this year.  It is doing an excellent job not only of covering the fence, but burying the Astilbe!  The Astilbe will need a new home next year.

Boulevard Garden by Midwest Gardening

The Hell Strip

And finally, the boulevard garden is doing well.  Annual sunflowers and bachelor buttons are temporary while the perennials take hold and spread out.

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