Garden Fun on Cold Grey Days

Whimiscal Garden Decor.JPG

The cold grey days of winter are perfect for browsing garden centers for bright garden accessories and inspire wonderful ideas.  This time of year I get very excited about new ideas for my gardens.  As usual, I already have more plans and ideas than I will be able to implement in a single season, so my biggest challenge will be deciding where to start and prioritizing.  My plans always change and develop as I get going anyway.  

One of my objectives is to incorporate garden accessories.  A year and a half ago I moved to a much smaller property that is begging for accent accessories.  So before I get too far into the plantings, I am working on some ideas for just the right character.  Colorful and whimsical or classic?  Maybe just the right mix of both.

Get out and get inspired!

Classic Garden Decor.JPG
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