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After record setting snow in the middle of April, and record setting extreme heat last week, it is amazing anything is managing to survive let alone thrive.  The entire winter was quite severe with extreme cold before we had snow cover and roller coaster temperatures.  Pretty tough on the plants, especially young ones.  I lost 3 new evergreens, 3 roses and a couple of perennials.  

Certainly some shrubs and perennials are thriving just fine, but most really struggled to even emerge and continue to struggle, barely leafing out.  And then, scorching heat for several days.  Oh my gosh, if all these struggling little perennials make it through it will be a miracle.  A few of them literally laid down in the heat.  A cool spritz perked them up each day fortunately.  

Then there were plants that were so thrilled to have heat the doubled in size in just a few days!  The roses, the peonies, cleome, milkweed, joe pye weed and a few others were thrilled, and of course the tomatoes.  I am every bit as excited as they are!  Finally!  Blooms are fighting to open and soon we should be back on track.

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Nearly Wild Rose

Loved the heat

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Visions in White

None of the Astilbe were bothered by any of our weather problems!

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Bearded Iris

The Iris emerged after the soil finally thawed then stalled completely at a couple inches. The heat got them moving and I am anxious to see the blooms for the first time.

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May Night

Always reliable Salvia were slow to emerge and grow, but were the first to bloom.

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Rooster in Charge

Supervising the plants

So much happening in the gardens now, FINALLY!  How did your plants come through?

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