Eat Organic to Lose Weight...Science or Wishful Thinking?

A plant based diet will most certainly help you lose weight. But are the pesticides and chemicals limiting your weight loss?

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Several years ago there were many claims that eating organic food would help you lose weight. In all likelihood those individuals "studied" had made a change from a meat centered diet to plant based, which on its' own will help to lose weight. Even now the claim continues to be largely attributed to the diet change. It is true that there is no difference in calories when comparing conventional to organic, and absolutely organic food can still be high calorie and contribute to weight gain.

But, recent studies more specifically about pesticides may lend some credibility to the claims linking organic foods to weight loss. And we do know that pesticides and toxins can adversely affect endocrine and immune systems so the link to weight loss does need to be studied further. Obesity studies have shown that plasticizers, fungicides, flame retardants, smoking, as well as certain pesticides are linked to obesity in animals. Clearly the idea is not completely far fetched.

Those who are overweight or obese of course carry a greater load of toxins. So it is important not to necessarily equate toxins present to obesity. Eating greater amounts of conventional food, and therefore toxins, naturally increases the amount of toxin in the body. But studies have found that environmental toxins have been shown to: disrupt endocrine activity; disrupt hormone levels; impact metabolism; alter the process that creates fat cells; These toxins of course are not due only to pesticides and farming chemicals. And the conventional farming industry of course insists that pesticide and chemical residue is not enough to impact health and weight.

A connection seems to be there but organic food is only a very small potential part of the weight loss puzzle. Eating more organic foods, and therefore less pesticides and chemicals, is only one of many things that might help you lose weight, or help prevent you from gaining weight. There is still a lot more research that needs to be done. So for now, move more, eat less, eat whole real foods, eat a plant based diet, and grow and eat organic as much as you can.

Sharon DwyerComment