Dreaming of Gardening

Garden Planning by Midwest Gardening.JPG

Yesterday brought more than five inches of snow, and the next wave has begun that is expected to bring up to eight more inches.  The garden catalogs have been piling up and long winter nights have us dreaming of sunny days tending the garden.

Every catalog that comes always makes me long for more planting space.  And many years I have continued to dig in new garden plots.  Every year I select new varieties to try, planning around the old reliable favorites.  So poring over so many plant and supply catalogs is a long process for me.  I'm sure like most of you, I select way too many plants, make long long lists, then try my best to whittle things down to plants that will hopefully perform best.

Amazingly, two growing seasons have already passed me by in my new home.  The property is much smaller and I am still evaluating the sun and soil.  Last summer I finally got some planting and landscaping done and have many adjustments and additions to make.  It has been a very busy couple of years in all areas of my life, so I am very anxious to see how things look this spring and plan to share lots of updates.  

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