Autumn's Grand Finale

Golden Hues of Autumn by Midwest Gardening

I am NOT ready to let go of summer! But neither are some of my plants. The fall blooming plants are carrying the show of course, but tough perennials and annuals are still supporting with light blooming. And of course the bronzed and golden foliage of perennials and shrubs is woven through the entire landscape, punctuated with vivid reds and orange.

Although I have had some issues with this new landscape of mine, I am quite pleased with the overall effect, especially that the plant selections are giving me a lovely autumn display. My planning was quite focused on the design and plant selection for spring and summer blooming. Other than a couple of fall blooming perennials and winter interest evergreens, I got lucky with the fall effects.

I would love to see all your beautiful fall gardens!

Aster by Midwest Gardening

Fall blooming Aster

Asters are stars of the fall show with fresh blooms

Burning Bush by Midwest Gardening

Euonymus Burning Bush

Vibrant punctuation in the Autumn landscape.

Pavement Rose by Midwest Gardening

Pavement Rose

A few blooms and green foliage hanging among the golden leaves

Coneflower by Midwest Gardening

Echinacea Cleopatra

All my coneflowers have died back for the year, but Cleopatra is still the queen

Golden Smoke Bush by Midwest Gardening

Golden Showers Smokebush

This lovely performance was unexpected

Zebrina Malva by Midwest Gardening

Zebrina Malva

I actually wish my pretty Zebrina would finish for the year so I can get some seeds!

Golden Hydrangea by Midwest Gardeing

Little Lime Hydrangea

Is now Little Golden with pretty dried blooms

Sedum by Midwest Gardening

Autumn Joy Sedum

Amazingly brilliant this year

Perennial Geranium by Midwest Gardening

Max Frei Cranesbill

Bronzed Red foliage is another unexpected bonus. Although the fall color is described, I apparently was not paying attention!

Monkshood by Midwest Gardening


In its’ fall glory of course

Endless Summer by Midwest Gardening

Endless Summer Hydrangea

Is being true to its’ name

Annuals by Midwest Gardening

Annual Osteospermum

This prolific bloomer has been going strong since spring with no intention of giving up now!

Bronzed and Golden Astilbe by Midwest Gardening

Visions in White

has become a vision in bronze and gold

Coral Bells by Midwest Gardening


All my Coral Bells are as fresh as they were in spring

Rudbeckia by Midwest Gardening

Rudbeckia Goldsturm

Tough as nails in the boulevard garden and holding up to frost too

Scabiosa by Midwest Gardening


Still butterfly blue after several frosts

Veronica by Midwest Gardening


The Royal Candles are beginning to burn out but hanging on for dear life

Monarda by Midwest Gardening


Strong blooms still!

Autumn Accents by Midwest Gardening

Autumn accents

Temporary, yes, but brightens up an entrance for a while!

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